At Trisottica we have been working for others for nearly thirty years helping the big eyewear brands to create their own collections. We have now set ourselves a major goal: to create a new brand of eyewear that demonstrates our personal vision of what Made-in-Italy really means, in that, at every stage in its life, our product is entirely created by our in-house team putting all their attention to detail and artisan skills to work.

Lamarca is our own brand, founded to enable us to design and manufacture high-tech acetate eyewear. Inside this creative hot-house our team get together sharing all their knowledge and skills to produce a unique style of eyewear that is both good to look at and comfortable to wear.

Lamarca is our artist’s portfolio and thanks to the solidity of the Trisottica productive heart we are able to put our ideas to the test and express them without undue commercial pressure.


Our unique ability is in finding new colour combinations that enhance the shape of the frame and whose freshness is their attraction. We use Mazzucchelli acetate sheets as our basis and these are bonded together to create our personal palette on which a piece of eyewear takes shape. This is our most creative stage in which we feel totally free to be bold and express ourselves. This is what our fans experience first-hand with their eyes and in their hearts.


We design eyewear that re-awakens the senses of touch and sight. It is much desired for its aesthetics and appreciated for its comfort. It fits snugly without undue pressure because it follows the ergonomics of the face. Our frames can be worn by anyone because they can be fitted with all types of lenses. Design stirs an emotion in us that grows throughout the process, eventually becoming a love affair that you too will experience.


Our work is driven by the quest for quality, in all its incarnations, paying massive attention to the production phase which is highly complex. This makes us push our technical skills to new limits and also encourages us to embrace the techniques of other artisans such as goldsmiths. We use bonding and thermoforming processes to transform colour and the diamond dressing technique to bring light to the various parts of the frame.


You feel you are wearing true quality when every day has the feel of the first encounter. Wearing a piece of Lamarca eyewear will amaze you because it seems to be designed just for you. This is our mission as we aim to charm you with a colour or detail on the frame. We want you to experience the joy of being protected, because of the frame’s natural fit and its strength. We make a study of the shapes you can wear at all times because they are original but not overblown.