We seek our inspiration in art and in nature to create eyewear in acetate to fall instantly in love with. We are guided by our great dreams and technical expertise, to find new solutions and display the artisan skills we are constantly renewing.



It all starts with colour, because this is what our world is made of.
Each piece of Lamarca eyewear is a design based on a chromatic composition combined with an acetate working technique.


Beauty is our inspiration and we are constantly seeking harmony, in both details and sensations. We design eyewear that is truly amazing for its stylish shapes, colour effects and geometry.


We are specialists in the production of eyewear in acetate and we are continually trying out new, ever more complex techniques. We can’t wait to explain how we are able to make the very best of this material.


Lamarca eyewear is special because it is the result of a lengthy process of design and manufacture. You can touch its quality with your hands, it is in the materials and techniques we use and in your feeling of comfort.


Backstage is a blog providing images of and information about the work we do behind the scenes, where we create the value of our products. It is densely packed, brightly coloured and in perpetual motion, just like us!