It is obtained from celluloid which in turn is a byproduct of the weakening of nitrocellulose.

Cellulose is a composite material derived from the fibers of the cotton plant and wood. By adding acetic acid and acetic anhydride along with plasticizers and stabilizers to the cellulose, one gets a whitish malleable material. Dyes are then added to create a variety of colors.

Once we have the desired colors, the acetate is cut in various shapes. Depending on how these shapes are put together, one obtains the rich chromatic and three-dimensional effect that is typical of the acetate material.

The main feature of the acetate material is the beauty of the colors along with the intricate texture, which can be worked into into infinite combinations. Acetate is also resistant, elastic, ages very well, does not pollute the environment, it is heat-resistant and non toxic.